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... Rum Cay is experiencing a remarkable wahoo bite and we couldn't be happier. Throw in some quality yelllowfin tuna and a few blue marlin and you have the makings of a great Fall bite in the Bahamas. This is the best time of the year for fishing wahoo so don't miss out. The BAD NEWS is we're just about booked until the end of the year... The GOOD NEWS is we have a FEW SELECT DAYS available for you to take advantage of the excellent fishing here in the Bahamas. Read the full fishing reports from October 13th or request a reservation now!

With fuel costs as high as they are, why waste money at the pumps? Hop a flight to Rum Cay and let us worry about the high cost of fuel. You and your group can come fish with us, burn our fuel and stay in first-class comfort in our very own Coral House luxury dockside house. Reserve your spot now as our 2008 schedule is filling up fast!!

If you're jonesing for a little fishing action down here in the Bahamas, the next best thing to being here is watching it on your computer. IGFA Angler's Digest will be airing an episode fishing on the Relentless. For complete show information visit the IGFA Angler's Digest Website.

Discover some of the world's finest sport fishing action in a relaxed and unspoiled island paradise - Rum Cay, Bahamas. Stay in a luxury vacation rental - the waterfront Coral House. Our 54 ft. sport fisher, Relentless, is tied up just steps from your room. Rum Cay is an unique experience for the serious sports fishing enthusiast. Nutrient rich waters are driven upwards by an amazing array of banks and pinnacles bringing a wide variety of trophy and world-record class sport fish to our waters including: Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, and Tuna - plus an amazing array of bottom and reef fish.

While Rum Cay is a fisherman's paradise, there's more to this little piece of real estate than just fishing. Miles and miles of white and pink coral sand beaches are waiting for you to explore. Pristine reefs offer spectacular snorkeling opportunities just a short swim from many of our beaches. While full dive services are not yet available, we're working on bringing basic dive service (tank fills, weights) to our area so scuba diving enthusiasts can experience dives that rival such famous sites as Grand Cayman and the Great Barrier Reef. With our fleet of three boats – including our custom 54 foot Ricky Scarborough sport fishing yacht Relentless, a 27 foot Rambo center console and a 16 foot Shipok flats skiff – your options for fishing, cruising or just exploring this magical island are unlimited.

Add to the mix our custom 3,500 square foot "Coral House" available for rent as your own "villa by the sea" and you have the makings of an unforgettable island getaway with your friends, family or business associates. Virtually unchanged – save for modern utilities, internet access and a few paved roads – Rum Cay and the Sumner Point Marina area are what the islands used to be... unspoiled by the rampant development you'll see on most other islands in the Bahamas and the Carribean. Come experience island life in it's natural state while still having the luxuries of a private home set right on the water just steps from your own private dock. If you have any questions or if we can help you plan your vacation here with us in any way, please contact us at your convenience. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, but remember, we may be out fishing or living life at an islander's pace so please be patient... it's well worth it!!

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Rum Cay & Relentless Sport Fishing is on television, but you can watch the show right here!

IGFA Angler's Digest
made a special trip down to Rum Cay in April and filmed with us for two days. While we didn't raise any marlin, we did have some terrific action on Dorado, Wahoo, Big Barracuda and a Yellowfin Tuna – the Tuna came up head only as we watched a tiger shark eat just about the entire body in a single bite.

For more information about IGFA Angler's Digest, visit their website.